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Bossy Acres Club, Farm Adventures

Bossy Acres is the place to be, Farm Fun for you and me. Adventure spreading out so far and wide, keep the city - just give me that countryside. Come on out to Bossy Acres, it’s more fun than you can imagine.

We are a work in progress, but the following is the farm we are working to create. The kind of farm we want our animals to enjoy living on and special place to share with other people. Bossy Acres Farm is a work in progress, a barn raising of sorts, and we hope you'll join our CSA for farm fresh Raw Milk and come visit to have some good times.

For the Love of Cows

Our animals are raised on pasture with supplemental local grass hay available as wanted.

CSA Membership

3 Month Packages Offer You and Your Family Retail Saving and Guaranteed Farm Fun

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Farm Fresh Raw Milk and Fun

We hope you will join Bossy Acres Club and enjoy our farm fresh raw milk. Being part of the CSA insures you a steady flow of good for you whole food, and helps Bossy Acres be a sustainable family farm. Thank you for visiting, please learn more!

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