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    A Different Kind of
    Country Club
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    Have Farmyard Fun
    Enjoy challenging and unique throwing games,
    Lots of fun for all ages
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    Catan Toledo Holdem Edition
    Settlers of Catan
    CROSSED with Texas Holdem
    4 foot by 8 foot game board

Bossy Acres Club Farm Fresh Games

Hillbilly Golf & Extreme Croquet & Farmyard Bocce & Catan!

Farm Adventures for all ages, games of skill and luck, Bossy Acres ain’t your typical Country Club. You might have to take a break from your game when the cows or goats join in.

Come on out to Bossy Acres Club for a unique experience; enjoy 20+ acres of good times for the whole family. Hangout with the animals in the outdoors, and enjoy challenges the game courses & boards offer. If you’re looking for something a little more relaxing, walk cow trails to one of the sitting areas and relax watching the birds and cows at play.

There is lots of fun to be had at Bossy Acres Club. We hope you will come out and play a game or two, everyone is welcome, join the club below. Enjoy a farm adventure and play a game of Hillbilly Golf or Extreme Croquet. Caution: poo can happen, but this might be the most amusing thing you’ve ever done outside.

$40-$150 | Club Membership + Day Pass
Good for up to 6 people
Up to a 4 hour Reservation

Bossy Acres Club - Membership

Only 100 Day Passes available

Farm Adventure

Explore the trails and spend time with the animals outside. Enjoy games like Ladder Ball, Horse Shoes, Barnyard Bocce, and more. Kids (and those young at heart) can enjoy playing with Legos, a Wooden Train set, and digging in clay mountain.

Hillbilly Golf

This ain’t your daddy's Par 3. Pick a club and tennis ball, and depending on the weather maybe some rubber boots. There are only a few rules, one of them is play it where it lies. Enjoy 18 holes for a full game or pick 9 that look the most fun.

Extreme Croquet

Funnest Croquet you have ever played. Test your skills and aim over a challenging terrain. Obstacles can be found plenty along the way as you compete to be first through all the wickets with the lowest score.

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A Barn Raising of Sorts

Bossy Acres Club is opening for the first time in 2018. We are starting a fun place where people and animals can enjoy the outdoors together. A Farm created to be Animal Welfare Approved, with a mission to encourage treating all animals and people with respect and kindness.

Exit 59 off I5, Only 1 minute off HWY, 60 miles from Portland, 106 miles from Seattle

Our goal is to raise well-loved livestock and provide people a fun outdoor environment to spend time with family and friends in the company of animals. We hope to encourage local sustainable farming practices and inspire younger generations to be involved in agriculture and the care of animals.

Game of Throws Challenge

Catan Toledo Holdem &
Game of Throws Tournament

Like the sound of what we are up to at Bossy Acres Club. Take part in a FUNraising Tournament.

Take part in a Long term strategy game that the outcomes depend on your scores from different Throwing Games, and the strategies you use while exploring the map, collecting resources, and building your empire. Play 4 different throwing games and try to get the highest combined score games to take home a one of kind trophy and $100 prize money.

Game of Throws

$10 Entry Fee

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