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Once Upon a Time, We had a Farm

My name is Boone, and in 1984, my family had a beautiful dairy farm in Oregon, it was an amazing place to be a kid. I can still remember playing outside with my two best friends. Our family had been farming for over 70 years. And in 1992 we had to lose the farm, move to Washington State, and live below the poverty level to qualify for help with the cost a lifesaving medication to treat a genetic disease called Gaucher. I was seven at the time, doctors had told my mother I would probably only live to be 8 or 9.

Having to leave the farm was hard for everyone. Though my mom, two sisters, and I were able to each keep a couple of our favorite cows they had to stay on other peoples farms ever since. Over the years those cows have had calves, some of those calves became cows and they had calves, and like everyone some of them have gone on now to the milky way in the sky.

In February of 2014 my mom and I were able to rent a home where we are able to raise and care for our calves and heifers. A long awaited desire after 23 years of living places where that was not possible. Until recent healthcare laws changed I still had to live below the poverty level to qualify for help with the $250,000+ a year cost of my medicine.

Thankfully, we have the opportunity to start farming again, and dream of creating a farm many people and families can enjoy. We are working to become Animal Welfare Approved. Our animals are raised in a natural environment where they have access to pasture all the time. They are loved and cared for like they are part of the family, because they are.

We plan to make Bossy Acres Country Club a place where families can come and meet the animals and enjoy farm yard games. Our vision is creating a CSA (community supported agriculture) style farm, in which members can have fun outside, get local grown food, and also share in the experiences and joys of farming.

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